We are now offering SPRAVATO for Treatment Resistant Depression. Call today for more information.

Next Steps

Step 1: Contact 865 Wellness+Ketamine

If you feel like you or someone you know would benefit from Ketamine Infusion Therapy, contact us to begin the process. Have hope! Gain more confidence today!

Step 2: Consultation & Screening

Consultation will take place in one of our private infusions rooms or over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you, to discuss whether IV Ketamine Therapy is right for you. It is important during your consultation that you feel comfortable and safe. Together we will set YOUR goals for treatment. We will work together to get the relief you may be looking for, but you have to be motivated to gain the most from each treatment.

If Ketamine Therapy is right for you, you will then be directed for a consultation with our Nurse Practitioner via Zoom to confirm a diagnosis and to obtain a full health history. If any special clearance would be needed we would move in that direction. You will be asked to sign a consent for release of records and treatment, and your infusions will be scheduled.

Step 3: Getting Ready

It is important to gain the most from each infusion whether it’s your first or one of many. Getting in the right mindset prior to treatment is imperative. Plenty of rest will help reduce anxiety. Mental hygiene, “unclutter” for the brain, avoid stimulating TV, music, social media or conversations. Meditation, journaling, prayer, and/ or day-dreaming can help calm the mind.

Step 4: Treatment Day

Planning ahead will help achieve success. Remember to follow food and medication guidelines that we will discuss and set during the consultation and screening appointment. Have a driver for afterwards, you will not be allowed to receive treatment without a driver.

Treatment is initiated with 6 infusions given over a 2 – 3 week period, typically every other day for mood and more back to back infusions for pain.

This is a commitment with your time and finances. It is imperative to follow and keep your scheduled treatments as set over a 2-3 period to gain the most optimal results.

Step 5: Post Treatment

Coming out of your ketamine experience should be gradual, not hurried. The physiological experience will stop at the end of the infusion but you should feel relaxed and safe. Rehydrating is important, as ketamine can have a diuretic effect. Often times functionality precedes feelings. Meaning, you may start doing better before you are feeling better. Each infusion brings incremental growth, greater accomplishment come more after each infusion. There is no guarantee, but clinically IV Ketamine Therapy has proven to bring relief to 80%.

Call our office at (865) 805-3118 to discuss possible treatment plans.